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I think this is arum maculata, or lord and ladies finger?
They’re coming up in lots of places in my garden. Should I panic, or enjoy them?




It sure am. Enjoy as they are very difficult to eradicate. Cut off the berried stalks to stop them being spread around by birds later in the season.

28 Mar, 2021


I agree and some have very pretty leaves. As Owd says remove the berry spikes befroe they get ripe. I usually pull them when the green flower cowl shrivels up.

28 Mar, 2021


Thank you!

28 Mar, 2021


They don't spread here, I wonder why.

30 Mar, 2021


Yorkslass, this is the first year they have spread in my garden. Last year I had just one, now they’re coming up everywhere. I must have very busy birds!

31 Mar, 2021


Good luck with that then! I have the variegated A.maculatum italicum and though that clumps up nicely it hasn't seeded around at all so far. I love it!

31 Mar, 2021


I also have the A maculatum italicum. I've had it for at least 20 years and it has made a very attractive clump. Last year it threw up an impressive berry spike, which I left and the result has been at least a dozen baby plants which started green and then became variegated like the parent. I'm potting them up for the local horticultural plant sale, assuming it can go ahead this year!

31 Mar, 2021


The variegated one looks pretty with its spotty leaves. I don’t think I have any of those.

1 Apr, 2021

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