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Non-flowering Gladioli

West Somerset, England Eng

My Gladioli all flowered last year and I left them in the gound. This year, some have flowered but there are several that haven't - they have just produced leaves. Is there anything that I can do or should I buy new ones for next year? Thanks folks.

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I have just one clump of gladioli which reliably flowers every year, except this summer, when only leaves have been produced.

I know we keep blaming everything on the weather, but I think that's the reason there are no flowers for summer 2008.

21 Aug, 2008


It could be too much rain and not enough sun. Mine are in sandy soil in various degrees of sun. Some are in quite shady spots and all have flowered. The oldest are in their third flowering season. I take them up and store them dry in the cellar since our winters are colder. So it could be that you've had 2 wet summers in UK, but I'm only guessing.

21 Aug, 2008


can't give any answers but just wanted to say my gladioli have'nt flowered this year either

21 Aug, 2008


It sounds as if I should leave them in. Thanks for the responses.

21 Aug, 2008


mine have been very good this year and again they have had loads of rain and also are in different locations. the only thing i can think of is sometimes the bulbs divide, producing lots of baby bulbletts this is obvious as there are lots and lots of little thin leaves with no flowers, instead of a handful of big fat ones which then the flowers appear from. if this is true of yours Spritz i would maybe dig them up at the end of the season and have a look, and if the bulbs have divided you need to replant each one indiviually as they can get overcrouded. the other thing is some do flower later than others depending on variety, they are in season as cut flowers right up until october, and i know from my own experiences i have a blue vareity that does'nt flower until october. and maybe the lack of sun this year could have delayed earlier varieties - lets face it the weather has been more like autumn or spring, not at all like it should be this time of year. so the weather could have delayed your flowers - my blue ones are not producing buds as yet. but the orange and green ones have all flowered lovely. just a couple of thoughts hope this helps.

22 Aug, 2008


my gladioli have not flowered im glad i read this i thought i hadnt planted them deep enough but now i think its the bad uk summer.

22 Aug, 2008

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