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Any ideas for my small garden please?

I have a small back garden which currently has a patio area small lawn and a couple of borders, i am the only one in my family who tends to the garden and i am really enjoying it apart from the fact that my neck and back are not good and i was after any ideas if i were too replace the lawn what with, (i have a small dog, but he would be happy with a gravel area for his business!!) thank you



If you go to the bottom of this page and click on letter 'C', you'll find a category called 'Courtyard Gardens', Bluemagnolia. You'll find a lot of photos there, which might give you inspiration. Good luck, and welcome to GOY.

15 Sep, 2010


A word of caution Bluemagnolia, have you ever tried to clean up doggy doos from gravel? I found when I had gravel that neighbourhood cats were very fond of it too, but that may have been because ours was the small gravel. I've recently got rid of the lawn and had indian paving slabs, they look lovely, but unfortunately, I can't get the dogs to 'perform' on them so have to go for more walks. Keeping me fit though:-)

15 Sep, 2010


Just a thought, I have some makeover blogs on if you're interested, just click on my pic and then onto my blogs. Hope this helps:-)

15 Sep, 2010


Hi I recently converted a small area of my garden to make a courtyard type area, basically go back to scratch and then add tubs and shrubs. you can still cater for your dog's needs with litter trays

15 Sep, 2010


Hi Tony, how did you get you dog to use a litter tray? Do you mean a cats litter tray? :-)

15 Sep, 2010


thank you all, will have a look at the blogs bornagain

17 Sep, 2010

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