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hello all,ive bought 3 roses and they are just roots,they look dead and im worried they wont grow has anybody had luck with these



Bare root roses are an economical way to post them out and is the preferred way for most growers at this time of year so nothing to worry about really.

They will be dormant. If your ground isn't frozen plant them where you want them to grow. If there are no instructions with them then dig the hole 1 1/2 to 2 times bigger than the root spread. Spread the roots out into the hole and then back fill. You should be able to see the old soil level on the stems don't bury them any deeper than that. I assume they are pruned so the stems are about 1ft long. if not shorten them to that. Firm the soil well to prevent wind rock and then water in well.

If they are going into pots { I have a sneaking suspicion your new home has a yard} make sure the roots have space in the pot so as not to touch the sides and I'd use a soil based compost for them.

If new growth doesn't happen in the spring by April, get in touch with the seller and ask for refund or replacement. Take photos of them now and then again in the spring if nothing has happened.

14 Dec, 2020


ty seaburn.ive put them in the garden and the soil is quite good,put feed and manure in,my problem is they were a mth late and brown and it was a part order and the 1st order of lupins were dead,i will def want money back and will take pics,ty

14 Dec, 2020


Definitely document, Ladybug. The nursery I work for sells hundreds of bare root roses every winter. When they arrive, they should be moist, with plump green--or reddish green--stems, and flexible roots. If the roots are dry and brittle, and the stems are dull and wrinkled, or slimy and brown, then the plants have dried out, suffocated, or frozen in shipment, and the grower will have to replace them--and probably put in a claim with the shipper!

14 Dec, 2020


that does not sound good, though the lupins may have live growing points below soil level. who did you buy them from?
I've had problems with plants from Parkers before but when chatting to them and sending images I have always had success in either good replacements or refunds. They say they get a lot of angry rude people ringing them instead of being calm and polite. They usually say keep the 'dead' plants and see if they do grow but they do send replacements but at this time of year they will look pretty grim.
I agree with Tug about the roses though.

fingers crossed they will be ok.

14 Dec, 2020


got them feom parkers and tug you have described them exactly very dry and brown oh well

14 Dec, 2020


From Parkers its tempting to think the worst. I complained once and they offered to replace - but sent me exactly the same again...

14 Dec, 2020


I ordered roses from Parker's this year, bare root "Peace" in Sept.

They arrived in perfect condition beginning of November
and after a good drink in a bucket were planted out that same week

Dormant at present of course but look fine so far

Only mentioning this in case others may be deterred from using them

15 Dec, 2020


as I have said sometimes I have had poor plants but they have always given me the option. going back to the lupins they will say wait until spring to see if they are still alive. The Primula viali I had from them looked very dead but they all came away in spring. But certainly let them know there are problems now so that when you get back in touch in the spring they have your comments on record.

15 Dec, 2020


ty all,checked them again and one is def dead but will give it a chance,the lupins have gone in the bin,im ok with parkers this is the first time ive been with them so lets see how they go.ty all

17 Dec, 2020

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