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giant caterpiller

United States

I have just spotted a huge caterpiller on a plant in my garden, its about 6 inches long and about an inch in diameter. its brown and grey and has marking like big eyes on its head, does anyone know what it is. I tried to photograph it but its not clear enough.



WOW its face is like a cat with its eyes shut......spooky..
as for what is i dont know perhaps muldar and sculley could

21 Aug, 2008


I think what you have is a Tersa Sphinx Moth caterpillar. What kind of plant was it on, and where in the US are you? Both of these may help to ID it.

21 Aug, 2008


Sorry we in the UK can't help. There are several members in the USA, I'm sure one of them will know.

21 Aug, 2008


Hi Wohlibuli, thanks for your reply but I am not in the US, I live in Dorset (South West) in the UK? It was on a weed, not sure what sort.

22 Aug, 2008


Looking at the pic it looks to me very like an elephant hawkmoth my book it says it grows to 80mm. But it could be something else from the continent.

22 Aug, 2008


Oh sorry Nannyang, you show up here (on my laptop) with a US flag. I think they are having a problem, (check out Marguerite's blog) so I was under a false impression. Guybinn is probably correct then.

22 Aug, 2008


thanks everyone, I think Guybinn is correct having looked it up that is definately what it was.

22 Aug, 2008

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