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Hello, I visited a new chap last week and he has a healthy green leaved grape vine


By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I visited a new chap last week and he has a healthy grape vine with lovely green leaves. It is roughly 4 feet high and a couple wide. It’s climbing up a trellis fence. He has two lovely fruit trees on either side.
He hasn’t had any fruit this year on the vine, think he mentioned he had some grapes last year. Just wondering If anyone can advise? Is it his pruning technique? Lack of pruning? Feed? I’d welcome any feedback, I’m seeing him again this coming week and he’s keen for some advice.
Thank you.



Kate, the main pruning time is early winter (late November or December). Pruning later can cause the vine to bleed sap, weakening the plant. Training and pinching out of new shoots, as well as thinning of fruits, is carried out in spring and summer.

I have always pruned our Grapevine between Christmas and the New Year where possible. Vines fruit on new growth so don't be afraid to cut back hard. I normally go back to 2 buds. It has never had a feed of any sorts!

15 Nov, 2020


Thank you, Shirley! That’s fab! I will relay your advice to him tomorrow, I did say I’d try to find out for him.
Very interesting information too. I should’ve asked you directly, thinking about it!😊

15 Nov, 2020


Just don't mention all those fallen leaves to sweep up at this time of year!

15 Nov, 2020


PS, while pruning the vine, take the opportunity for some hardwood cuttings, now is the right time for them

Usual technique or you could try your hand at bud cuttings, very easy, too easy really, I finished up with loads to give away

The RHS & You Tube has loads on vine pruning

16 Nov, 2020


Some kinds of grapevines only grow grapes on longer stems of the previous year's growth, so if he has been cutting all of the previous year's growth back to 2-bud stubs, that could keep it from bearing. I would leave about 1 out of 8 canes around 50 cm long, to produce the flower trusses. American and American hybrid grapes are notorious for that blooming habit, though a few European grapes share it.

16 Nov, 2020


Oh Shirley! Those blasted leaves! I hope you don’t have many more to sweep up! 🍂🍁

16 Nov, 2020


Grandad Gardener and Tugbrethil - a big thanks to both of you also! I’m most appreciative of your feedback. He’ll be very pleased at the thought of taking some cuttings also! A real bonus. I’m not sure which variety he has, I’ll have to ask. I’m back again tomorrow doing some more training. His father has a farm in Portugal with grape vines, but he mentioned as the climate is very different, it didn’t seem logical to ask his father's advice.
Thank you again to both of you, I’ll relay all the feedback to him tomorrow. :-)

16 Nov, 2020


You're welcome! Hope it helps!

16 Nov, 2020


Thanks again, Tug. 😉

16 Nov, 2020

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