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are tares used for fishing and green manuretares the same thing



Whew! After a good deal of research, Alan, I can say yes, they are the same, though I wouldn't bet on the germination rate or quality of those sold for bait. Not to be confused with the weed of wheat fields that often carries ergot fungus!

13 Sep, 2010


What on earth are tares ?
I cannot get this conversation to make any sense.
Help needed !

14 Sep, 2010


Sorry, Louise! The Tares used for green manure and bait are a kind of Vetch (Vicia sativa), also used for livestock feed. The Tares of the Bible are believed to be a large annual Ryegrass, also known as Darnel, or Cockle, which is a weed in grain fields, and is an alternate host of the ergot fungus. Ergot is an infamous parasite of grains, containing a poison similar to LSD--it used to cause no end of trouble in the Middle Ages! Hope that helps.

14 Sep, 2010

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