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just got eight lupins not very big,do I put them in the soil or leave them in the poly tunnel till nxt spring



I'd leave in poly tunnel, mainly because slugs love tender lupin shoots and outside they may well get scoffed come spring before you even realise they are starting into growth

2 Sep, 2020


I agree, Poly tunnel until spring. I think I'd also pot them up into a slightly larger pot so they can develop stronger roots. what size pot are they in? at this time of year those that have been raised from seed are in 0.5l pots and 2 are in 1l pots because they have grown better than the others.

2 Sep, 2020


And if you think slugs can find their way into your polytunnel, I'd put copper tape around the pots. Never had one but those pesky creatures always get in my coldframe.

3 Sep, 2020


I got eight plugs from j parker and they dont look good at all,think i will grow my own,got a load of free bulbs so worked out.ty

3 Sep, 2020

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