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whats eating this


By Irish

Dublin, Ireland Ie

can someone tell me what may be eating these leaves?




Presumably there are no slimy trails, Eileen, so could it be earwigs? Is that sun shining on the leaves by any chance???

20 Aug, 2008


believe it or not Spritz we had the sun out for a wee while today, it was lovely .
could be earwigs i guess, there are quiet a lot of them outside.thanks

20 Aug, 2008


Yes, so did we - Henry and I actually got out for a walk in the sun - though it did cloud over after about an hour. NO R**N today!

20 Aug, 2008


aw i bet Henry was thrilled to get out for his walk. all in all not a bad day so

20 Aug, 2008


Henry gets SOOO excited at the signals we are off out - e.g. get my boots on. Had to train him not to bark in the house but he still does as soon as we set off. He soon stops, though.

20 Aug, 2008


lol, they do know when they are going to go out for a walk. my two go hyper if i go near the press where their leads are kept. not good last night when i was looking for a bulb to replace the one in the bathroom, i was looking in all the presses for spare one,,,, 2am and those two thought i was looking for leads lol

20 Aug, 2008


Irish, Whats a press? Is it a drawer? Like a linen press?
Lynne x

20 Aug, 2008


aye sorry wizzbang, its like a cupboard lol or has that confused the issue more?

20 Aug, 2008

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