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By Jimbow

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what dose a cucumber plant look like and what,couler is there flowers, thats if they have any



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19 Aug, 2008


Small yellow flowers. Its like a vine. A bit like squash but with smaller darker leaves, they also have prickles. I guess there could be different types but thats what the ones i once grew looked like. When the cucumbers start they look like very prickly gherkins.

19 Aug, 2008


As above, except the cucumbers themselves don't always have prickles - mine were smooth.

20 Aug, 2008


Apicture here -

They can be grown in greenhouse or outside, all female flowers or male/female, prickly or smooth long, or short which produce earlier. They are heavy feeders, I have some in the greenhouse, some outdoors some on top of a completed compost heap, that are doing well. Stagger planting or you will have a glut then nothing.
If you let them grow up a cane cut the leader when it reaches the top, then put the cutting in water and it will root in a few days, making another identical to parent plant. You can use that technique with strong tomato sideshoots too to make new plants.

20 Aug, 2008

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