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A lot of you will instantly recognise the plant in my photo. I don’t know it’s name! Anyway, for the last 3 summers despite the plant being fine and healthy with beautiful leaves it has not flowered. By now it should just be coming into flower with gorgeous bright red fronds. What’s happened To it? What can I do to help it flower next summer.
By the way, I have a smaller clump of this plant n another part of my ga den and it is just about to burst into flower.




looks like crocosmia and if it is a tall reddish one probably Lucifer.

If its always in as much shade as this that will be why it isn't flowering., Lift the clump in the late autumn and replant the top corms in an area that gets at least half a day in the sun.

20 Jun, 2020


Yes,I agree ,it's Crocosmia,and prefers a sunny position .you won't have any problem replanting some of it,as it's as tough as old boots ..Sometimes you do need to split it ,and replant clumps,as it can get out of hand,and looks untidy...Lovely plant though..mine are only just starting to show some colour:o)

20 Jun, 2020


MIne are nowhere near flowering so don't give up on them for a while, they may surprise you yet.

21 Jun, 2020

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