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Mid Glamorgan, Wales Wal

What is this dark leaved plant called please .




Heuchera - They come in a broad range of colors and styles. It could be used as a ground cover or specimen. An easy care plant. This is on my short shopping list.

They do well in all well-drained soils, from chalk to clay. Most prefer semi-shade. As a rule of thumb the darker coloured Heucheras withstand full sun better than the lighter coloured ones. They will tolerate dry soils but only when established - normally six months after planting.

25 May, 2020


yep it is one of the many dark foliage forms of Heuchera. [it could be a heucherella too] . as its in a pot keep an eye out for vine weevil damage. when I walk past mine I gently tug a leaf. if the plant is affected it lifts from the soil. then I can clean it and repot in fresh compost.

25 May, 2020


Thank you both thought it was but it just escaped my mind
! It was in my daughters garden and she asked me what it was had a senior moment lol but told her I knew where I would get the answer 🙂

25 May, 2020


That's brilliant Kidsgran, glad you could tell her.

25 May, 2020

How do I say thanks?

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