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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

For Owdboggy.
This is my zantedeschia, which is struggling second year running. It gets nibbled and hasn’t flowered for some time.
Any advice you can give is most welcome.
Kind regards.




That is very typical of snail damage. Lack of flowers is more likely to be hunger than the leaf problem. Feed your plant with Tomato fertiliser at half strength every 10 days or so, until after the normal flowering time, then switch to Maxicrop, half strength until the plant goes dormant.

3 May, 2020


Hi Kate - glad you can now post. Those snails are a real pest. Try Sluggo of something similar. Those blood pellets really work for me - not a snail in sight.

3 May, 2020


Thanks Owdboggy, I thought it may be snails or slugs if it wasn’t the beetle. I’ll definitely look at the tomato feed, I can pick some up while shopping.
Thanks Paul, yes, I was quite pleased I managed to post a question straightaway! I’ll have a look at what you suggested, it may be called something else here? I will have to try it, my hosta right next to it is now suffering the same fate! Where are the hedgehogs when you need them? Haven’t seen one for absolutely ages!

3 May, 2020


That's good. I mentioned it to Dave. He's the administrator. Maybe he fixed it on the back end. He's the guy you'd want to contact with any queries regarding this site. Here's the link for Dave.

3 May, 2020


Thanks for this, Paul! That’s kind of you. Much appreciated, I’ll take note of this.

3 May, 2020


if you decide to use slug pellets then avoid the ones with metaldehyde, and methiocarb in them. They cause damage to other wildlife.
Sluggo is available here and uses iron (III) phosphate that makes the slugs stop feeding and they burrow in to the soil and die.

If you don't have slugs then hedgehogs are less likely to visit your garden. You could do an evening torchlight search and pick slugs up.

3 May, 2020


Thanks Eileen. I’m thinking maybe lifting the lily and the hosta and potting them up..

4 May, 2020

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