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The fuchsias were in my mum's garden we dug them out when we sold her home after she died. They were put in pots and have stayed there since last July
, they flowered last year and I have now popped them in new compost and put in bigger pots as the garden still isn't done yet. They look quite dead but I'm sure they will come again - hopefully !
They always seemed to flower quite late , can anyone tell me if I should be doing anything different please.
Thanking you in advance




if when you scrape the bark with your thumb nail it is still green below then they are still alive. I wonder if they are a tender variety and would be better kept frost free over winter. In a cool shed/conservatory or garage for instance.

3 May, 2020


Hi thank you , they have always been outside all year but in the ground. My mums garden was 1500 ft above sea level, quite remote on the end of the Pennines . Do you think I should cover them up or just leave them, I don't have anywhere to put away only in the house.
I seem to remember them always looking dead then just springing into life but can't remember just when - no it was later than May.
I've just looked at them this morning and I'm sure there are a few bits sprouting , I have scraped the branches and there is green so fingers crossed.
Thanks again

4 May, 2020


if they were always outside then they will be fine. They will come away from the base/rootstock late May.

4 May, 2020


When they look like that often misting the branches with water will help them along.

4 May, 2020

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