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I have a lot of Fuschias I saved from last year growing nicely in greenhouse. Would it be ok to put them outside during the day to harden off whilst the weather is so warm?



Are they tender varieties? If they are,its a little bit early to harden them off now, because they can;'t be left outdoors before end of May (or mid -May if you're in a warmer region of the UK, like the South or west or near the coast)

21 Apr, 2020


Hello Bamboo
Yes they are tender varieties. Some of them I’ve had for a number of years. Think I’m getting carried away with all this beautiful weather.
Will take your advice and hang on a good number of weeks.
Thank you

21 Apr, 2020


Yes, it really feels like mid May, not mid April, but don't be fooled!

21 Apr, 2020

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