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Hi everyone - my sister was burgled recently so were boosting the home security. She has a twelve foot back wall and were going to put a trellis on top with something spiky growing on it. Any suggestions for something fast growing and formidable?



Google Pyracantha, Howee.
You'll see that's an evergreen, woody shrub that's got very strong, sharp thorns on the stems - it'll be perfect for your plan.
You could train it horizontally rather than depth-wise and it'll cover that wall in a year or so.
Don't buy a small plant, buy one that's already 2' above the soil in the pot, whatsmore, if you buy the plants now you can plant them while the grounds still warm and their roots will get down before the cold weather's here.

9 Sep, 2010


Thanks, will look it up

9 Sep, 2010

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