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By Taz

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everybody, as anyone ever used the slit and sludge treatment for ponds , my wild like pond as lots of slit, tried to clear some out but still lots left. I would be very grateful for any advise. hope everyone is keeping well.



I've only ever dredged my pond or when emptied bucketed the sludge around the flower beds.

I cant see how any treatment would remove the sludge. Some treatments make the fine particles clump together and float so you can skim it off but Ive never used them.

8 Apr, 2020


Is it a natural pond or artificial? If a natural pond the only thing you can do is to watch it become a nice little meadow in time. If artificial, drain it, then put a clothespin on your nose and boots on your feet and with bucket and shovel get the muck out being very careful not to damage the pond liner.

8 Apr, 2020


Thanks for your answers, I have managed to get some of the sludge out for now, but I know at some stage it will be a big job, keep well

15 Apr, 2020

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