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Hi all,
This is the crown(s) of Dryopteris Affinis 'Cristata' I've had it for at least 10 years, am I correct in thinking that each one of these 'balls' for want of a better description, is a separate plant? So I potentially have about 10 plants here? I need to divide it I think as last years leaves were quite spartan and small. Thank you to anyone who can advise me x

Img_20200405_155149_resized_20200405_035837227 Img_20200405_155154_resized_20200405_035838702



Yes they are off sets of it. You can see the individual croziers [fern leaves] in each bundle.
So using a sharp spade just cut through each space so you have several new crowns. replant and give a general purpose feed and water in well for a good month unless we get any rain.

5 Apr, 2020


Hi Seaburngirl!
Googled it to death but couldn't find any definite answers :(
This was very helpful. Thank you very much x

6 Apr, 2020

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