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I have a pc problem too I can view the questions but all the avatars are blank and I can't view any added photos. Is it my new laptop which still has glitches to be sorted? Or is it the website?
Can somebody enlighten me please?



I can see the avatars.

8 Feb, 2020


Yeah, no problem here with avatars or photos. Maybe it is indeed your new machine. :)

8 Feb, 2020


I’ve just viewed GOY on my iPad and the avatars are all there so it must be my new laptop. I now have a long list of problems that my lovely computer man will hopefully sort when he comes this week.

I’m sick of IT these days and would love to ditch it entirely as it gets more and more complicated. It’s created by geeks who don’t realise that there are millions of people who can’t, or don’t want to, understand it. But because everything, from small firms to large conglomerates who now rely on it there’s no other option. Even doctor surgeries can’t work without it. I consider myself fairly savvy with computers but now, as it constantly changes and becomes yet more complicated, I’m all too easily flummoxed when something goes wrong.
Bring back telephones and letters and local bank branches! It was all so straightforward then.

9 Feb, 2020


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13 Feb, 2020


Aw, Arbuthnot, don't give up! ;)

13 Feb, 2020

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