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What is the correct time of year for planting Garlic
segments ? Someone once gave me a tray of rooted
segments in April.



Now, do it today.

2 Jan, 2020


As the soil is cold and soggy, I would look to plant them in pots singly in a cool greenhouse or cold frame. You will then be able to plant out in the spring when it warms up. My fear is that because they haven't rooted earlier, then they might just lie there dormant and rot off.

2 Jan, 2020


Thank you both. I have tried them several times on the allotment. Must have got the planting time wrong.
Will get some pots organised in the cold greenhouse.
Getting the bulbs on Wednesday from the Co-op.

4 Jan, 2020


"Getting the bulbs on Wednesday from the Co-op."

Are you intending using the bog standard ones sold for culinary use?

That may be the problem because a lot are grown abroad & are not really suitable for our climate, you would be better using a named variety suitable for UK

I can't advise on any 'cos I loath garlic, but there's a garlic supplier on Isle of Wight who is the expert

4 Jan, 2020


Thank you. Will check out this I.O.Wight chap.
I once bought some elephant garlic bulbs, but again planted them at the wrong time of year and was disappointed. I put them crushed into home made Tomato Soup, get the health benefits without the pong.
If anyone wants the recipe P.M. me.

7 Jan, 2020


Will get them next year in good time from 'Primrose' -
the Isle of Wight chap. The compost in the tubs on my balcony is just right now, so put 12 segments in around my Avon winter bulbs. They will be warm enough out there when spring and summer comes.

9 Jan, 2020

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