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Over ten years enjoying 'grows on you',but having reached 91 years ,today I find myself forgetting how to open an answer about the ferns on my asparagus !!

I still would like to find the answer,but realize I must give up asking any further questions.
Thank you, everyone, who has helped me in the past.
For a long time now I I have been aware of a bad memory,but today it was a real shock.



Hi Vera, I'm glad you have enjoyed Grows on You for all those years, and congratulations on reaching that age … !

To open the question you have to click on the words in green, and then you'll see any comments that have been written.

Maybe you could write down how to do these technical things just as a reminder. I often get confused by it all myself.

1 Dec, 2019


Hope you see this Vera. Happy birthday for yesterday.
when you open GOY go to the top green banner and click on 'questions'. Then you can scroll down to find your question. click on the question to see your answers.

I replied and said yes cut them down.

next to your log in name there is a tab called your options. click on that and select your news.
this will show you all the questions that have been answered and yours will be listed.

I agree with Hywel, I have problems navigating lots of sites especially if you don't use them regularly.

2 Dec, 2019


Sending you lots of sympathy Vera, with some fellow feeling. I'm forgetting how to do things too (and what things and people are called too) and I'm 12 years behind you....

2 Dec, 2019


To illustrate my internet dizziness: I recently ordered an engraved small vase for my sister's birthday but neglected to look at P&P charges. Well it transpired that it was from the USA and cost £9.99 and took 3 weeks to arrive. The vase was only £11! That's how daft I can be and I'm 20 years younger than you.

Yes some websites can be tricky to remember but you will always get support and empathy on this one.
You should be congratulated on using the internet anyway. And happy birthday Vera.

6 Dec, 2019


Happy Birthday, Vera! Don't give up. Some of us on here are getting forgetful too and if I can still post a query when I reach 91 I'll think I'm doing really well! Someone will always help when you are stuck.

8 Dec, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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