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Replacement for a Juniper tree.

West Somerset, England Eng

Please could anyone give me some suggestions as to what to replace this Juniper tree with? It is a focal point in my top border, but has to go as it fell apart during the gales earlier this year. It's tied together with wire at the moment! I want a new focal point, obviously, as the border will look a bit 'flat' without it! Any suggestions gratefully received.




Taxus baccata fastigata aurea, I think I've spelt it right.(golden Irish yew). Would look good. Obviously a slow grower but if a nice size was bought. Also very slender.

19 Aug, 2008


Thats a good choice treesandthings and your question suggests that some form of evergreen would be preferred?
Would also suggest Escallonia 'Iveyi' as known to resist high winds and hang on to those white blooms fiercely.Easily clipped and shaped will grow to about 10x10 feet fairly quickly.

19 Aug, 2008


what a fantastic border no suggestions, wouldn't want to be held responsible for messing it up!!!

19 Aug, 2008


Yes, worth viewing this question just to look at the lovely garden. Definitely an evergreen would be best for that spot, to give a focal point all year round.

19 Aug, 2008


Yes i agree with treesandthings

19 Aug, 2008


Your border looks fantastic, however I'd like to see the border mature without your so called focal point, I think it might be a case of less is more, I feel the juniper you have in the photo, may actually be taking away from your beautiful border, is it possible that you just want to replace it because you are so use to seeing something there, give it a chance with out replacing it, if after I few months it still doesn't feel right, then go with the Irish Yew, but honestly I wouldn't replace it with another focal point, just plant it up with more of what you already have in the border.

21 Aug, 2008


Hi Spritz. Is this the area you mentioned ealier today ?How about removing it and adding something tall and slender like one of the Italian 'pencil' evergreens or a yew that you can clip and develop into an interesting topiary?.You dont want to create too much shade in the border so that the existing plants are affected.

26 Aug, 2008


I agree about not creating too much shade - it is the sunniest area of the garden, and the Juniper does create too much due to its size. Would one fastigiate tree look a bit like an exclamation mark though, rather than a focal point??

26 Aug, 2008

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