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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom

Hi anyone know what this is ?,seems to have grown up the side of my garden fence from a very small plant over the last 5 years ? The blackbirds seem to like the yellow berries and its a very spiky .



Yellow berried form of Pyracantha.

7 Oct, 2019


It looks like Pyracantha 'Soleil d'Or'. I have this one and it is a lovely shrub.

7 Oct, 2019


I have this one too..If you need to trim it back,do it after the berries have gone,but before new growth and flowers appear,or you won't get Berries next year..I agree,a lovely Shrub..

7 Oct, 2019


Thank all for your replies ,its so nice a contrast to see the bright yellow berries set against the green leaves ,i love it.

7 Oct, 2019

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