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By Johnjoe

Ireland Ie

Could someone please ID the chilli in the photo. As you see in the photo the plant is full of very small chilli's about 1"1/2 ins long some are turning yellow. I would be grateful for a reply.





not sure they are an edible variety, possibly more of an ornamental variety. But I don't know which one it is sorry.

21 Sep, 2019


Proof of the pudding is in the eating😄 If they're really bland & mild they may be ornamental but the shape of the fruit looks more cayenne to me. Generally cayenne types hang down but there's Purple Prince, a hottish one, that looks a bit like yours

21 Sep, 2019


Thank you Seaburngirl & Darren8 for your reply. They are turning yellow. When I seen them my first thought was Jalapeno. I will try them in a stir fry and hope for the best. I will look up Goole for a phot of Purple Prince.

Thank you again Johnjoe

22 Sep, 2019


I'd slice a bit off & try tasting it raw before risking it in a meal...

22 Sep, 2019


Thanks for the warning Darren8, I will do

23 Sep, 2019


Ornamental chilis are all edible, too. They just tend to be in the top 10% of the hotness range. I've got one customer who will only grow the ornamental kinds, because they are the only ones hot enough for him! There are a lot of capsaicin addicts here in Arizona, though! :)

23 Sep, 2019


Thank you Tugrethil, I will have to try them out on someone braver than me,

24 Sep, 2019

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