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I am hoping that someone can tell me what this pretty shrubby plant is, please.

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Maybe Philadelphus Aurea? But I’m not sure. Good to see you Spritz!

12 Sep, 2019


well hello you. how are you doing?

it reminds me of Symphandra x iran but that is more herbaceous but it does leave quite twiggy stems over winter.

12 Sep, 2019


So good to see you back Spritzhenry.

13 Sep, 2019


Hi, nice to hear from you again, I think it could be Campanula {symphyandra} odontosepala, Derek.

13 Sep, 2019


ooh I wonder if that is one of the parents that makes mine xIran

where did you get it from spritz?

13 Sep, 2019


Hallo folks! I haven’t been too good, unfortunately- I have been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. Anyway, enough of that, but thank goodness for a very caring GP!!

Thanks, Derek, I suspect and hope you might be right!

Sbg, I got it at a plant fair, on sale from the garden owner who denies all knowledge of it. :(

13 Sep, 2019


Oh that is literally a pain. hope you are feeling better.
I wondered if I'd given you some of mine but clearly not. it is a good semi shade plant. and flowers for a long time, though the leaves can look a bit sad by the beginning of flowering. it is fully herbaceous for me. I've had mine for years. a nice gentle spreader.

13 Sep, 2019

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