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Good morning all, could anyone tell me what plant this is, friend or foe, thanks.




looks like Borage, friend, bees love it's lovely blue flowers. Only downside is it will self seed which may be good or bad depending on your viewpoint.

I have it and think it's good, looks after itself and pest free

13 Aug, 2019


yes I also think borage. its an annual. young leaves taste like cucumber. the blue flowers minus their black pistils often are put into Pimms. I pop them in rice salads to give a splash of colour.

13 Aug, 2019


Thank you I'm delighted as I've got it on the other side of the garden and I think it's lovely, however I didn't recognise it as it has gone over.

13 Aug, 2019


Actual borage is a taller, branchier (is that a word?) plant, with more intense blue flowers that face down. Whatever this is is probably in the borage family, though.

14 Aug, 2019


that's what mine looks like in its early stages then it gets to about 2-3 ft tall and the flower stems are indeed more branched.

14 Aug, 2019

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