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By Ponty

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hello everyone. I was surprised to find that I am still registered - after some 7 years. I doubt if many, or, indeed ANY of you will have any recollection of me. I'm afraid I drifted away. I still fondly remember some of my old "friends" however!
I have a problem and I knew where to come! My lawn has suddenly become infested by Yarrow. Help, please.



Lawn weed killer is what I use. Not fond of chemical warfare, but not easy to eradicate anything from within grass without damaging the grass itself.

23 Jul, 2019


Unless the infestation of weeds on your lawn is particularly bad, I would wait another month or so when the weather cools off. It wouldn't hurt to water the lawn regularly if you can so that the grass will strengthen up. A week or so before you intend treating the lawn, don't mow it so that the Yarrow puts on plenty of leaf to take up the selective weed killer lawn treatment. In the meantime, if you can, remove the flowering heads of the Yarrow in between mowings.

23 Jul, 2019


Hi Ponty I remember you. As already said if there is a lot chemical warfare is the way forward. letting it grow a bit first as previously advised. if only a few dig them out using an old knife in a circular 'gouging' motion.

23 Jul, 2019


Thanks, everyone. This is a new problem for me and has been "driving me up the wall" this year. I think it originated on a nearby green.

25 Jul, 2019

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