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growing roses with a potato,saw this on the internet and wondered if anyone knew this as the video cut out before the end,does it work,chris



I tried this with beautiful long stemmed red roses my lovey gave me. Did it work? No! But I still have my lovey and lots of fond memories.

18 Jul, 2019


oh bathgate i so wanted it to work lol

18 Jul, 2019


Believe me, so did I. I don't know what I did wrong. I trimmed the stem the special way they say to do it, and used rooting hormone. Once the potato turned black, I knew it was over. Maybe somebody else had success and they'll share their secret. I found out that if I hang the roses upside down until they are completely dried, they will retain their color & form. So now I have 10 long stem red roses. Even dry they make a nice display.

If you want to read my thread with all the comments, here is the link:

18 Jul, 2019


Funny you should say this. My grandaughter tagged me with a video of cuttings growing in potatoes and a water bottle with cuts in the side growing succulents. I had a quick look while messaging her but I must have a better look when I get time.

19 Jul, 2019


I was a bit confused by this trend when I first saw it & tbh I still am... Why wouldn't you just eat the potato & try to root the roses in something more suitable?
But then I realised that putting an interesting picture with some written waffle on the internet can get you hits & add to your income...
The tips don't actually work. Putting plants in silly situations works for creating internet interest but it's not good growing tips?

19 Jul, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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