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Stubborn Bougainvillea.
I bought two about 4 years ago, they're overwintered in a heated greenhouse, kept slightly moist and come into leaf around mid March after which watering and feeding begins. They then go outside late May.
However this year one plant has stubbornly refused to show any leaves or bracts yet if any of the branches are scratched there is green growth underneath (photo 2) so it's not dead.
Any idea of the cause and how I can get the plant into growth?

Bougainvilla_1 Bougainvilla_2 Bougainvilla_3



I fear it just isn’t warm enough. Try giving it a growth stimulant -seaweed extract is excellent -and put it under glass until the weather warms up. Its dreadful here..really cold, and I was in Dorset last week and it wasn’t much better there either. it possible that it has had red spider mites. They will take down anything in a glasshouse. You might want to try a good wash with some soapy water or a good insecticide.

12 Jun, 2019


Hi, I agree with Karen re the cold weather, how long have they been in those pots ?, they look as if they could be pot bound, Derek.

12 Jun, 2019

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