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By Queenie

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I have a yen to grow artichokes next year... can anyone give some advice and when do I start... is it seed I need? how much room will they require and will they be eatable?



They grow very easily from seed. Look at the link
It tells you how to grow them and how to harvest them.

4 Sep, 2010


Thanks so much Scotsgran... all the info I needed to get me started.. but wow! they take a lot of space. Great website too..

5 Sep, 2010


Glad to help Queenie. My avatar is an artichoke flower. Way past the eating stage of course. In fact I do not recall seeing a warning to cut off the flowers the first year. You do not need to have them in the veg garden they are statuesque enough to earn a place in the herbaceous border. I cut the flowers when they were still closed thinking they would look nice in flower arrangements. I hung them heads down inside a paper bag and wow did I get a surprise when I looked to see how they were doing. I think I have a vase of them on my photos page.

5 Sep, 2010


Yes, looked at your photos and found them (119) - spectacular! now even more enthused to grow some next year. They look so much like proteas, from SA my sister used to love them especially, and they remind me of her - so I shall dry some. Thanks again

5 Sep, 2010


i grew mine from seed very easy .cut them down in late autumn. protect crowns in winter. slugs like them. if u leave them to flower ,big thistle like purple heads look stunning in flower beds they are perennial

7 Sep, 2010


Thanks Cristina, off to buy my seeds!

8 Sep, 2010


nice one hun x

10 Sep, 2010

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