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moray, United Kingdom Gb

My Japanese maple which is my pride and joy has been frosted.imnot sure what to do.not all of it.should I prune the its that are frosted.its been in the ground for four years and was doing so well.



A picture would surely help, but I would just leave it alone for now. It may not be as bad as you think. If it was only a light frost, it should be OK and pull through.

2 May, 2019


I'd certainly wait as we haven't done with frosts for a bit yet. so these 'damaged' leaves will take the brunt of any more frosts. come June you may decide to live with the leaf damage or you may wish to judiciously prune the affected parts.

2 May, 2019


I would have taken a photograph but haven’t put on any photographs for so long forgotten how to do it.will have to have a bash at it again.ill be patient and wait til later to see how it goes.i have another one in my front garden which I’ve had for 2years and it hasn’t been affected.c’est la vie as they say!

3 May, 2019


Sounds like only a light frost. I wouldn't worry about it. You may barely notice any damage at all once the tree is in full leaf.

3 May, 2019


If its any encouragement my blueberry got damaged by heat last year (left it too long under fleece to prevent the birds scoffing all the fruit)and I was convinced it was permanently damaged.But it has come back this spring. If you can put up with it looking dead on top for ages it may yet recover, unless the branches go obviously dead and brittle.

13 May, 2019

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