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can anyone tell me what this plant is?

bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have moved in to a new house with a lovely garden but am unsure about what some of the plants are in it, i have taken a photo (not the best but hopefully good enough) can anyone tell me what this plant is? many thanks. Nikki




It looks as if it might be a Corkscrew Willow, judging by the curly leaves, but do the stems also rwist? If not it may still be a Willow, but which?

18 Aug, 2008


Yes, I'd agree - there's a slight doubt in my mind as to whether it's a Contorted Willow (Salix babylonica tortuosa) as I can't see any twisted stems. Definitely a Willow, though!

18 Aug, 2008


Thanks for your replies, yes the stems twist as well, I have googled it now and got some picks up of corkscrew willows and that's def what it is, so thank you mystery solved.

18 Aug, 2008


Make sure you clip bits off, not only to keep it in the shape you want, but also because if you don't, it can grow into quite a large tree!

18 Aug, 2008


willow tree roots can do some damage to your drains, they go to water. Have been known to get into pluming and cause headaches.

29 Aug, 2008

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