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What's wrong with my Postman?


By Deb1

United Kingdom Gb

I have recently planted a sedum called Postmans Pride.
I followed the instructions planting in a well drained soil and in a sunny position. After about 2-3 weeks the leaves have started gettin horrible brown patches on them (not all). These patches cover most of the leaf. What can I do to make it better!
Thank you for your time Debbie Reynolds




What's wrong with my Postman ? Debbie, that's a clever heading to catch the eye !

Britain has had lots of rain this summer. Don't know where in the UK your garden is situated but there's a likelihood your part of the country is one of the areas which had plenty of downpours. Even if you planted your sedum in a sunny position, there's a chance that too much water has been sitting on the plant. This is just a guess !

The weather this year has caused all sorts of crazy things to happen to our garden plants.

I expect you know that this sedum was named after a Belgian postman who found the plant growing in his garden.

18 Aug, 2008


Hi mine too! And yes I am in saturated southwest! Such a shame as I love its dark foliage don't you? Mine is going to flower though so hopefully next year conditions will be better
for it.

18 Aug, 2008


Thank you for your help. Hopefully my postman will recover in time with some TLC.

19 Aug, 2008

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