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Alot of my daffodils did not bloom. I have dug up the bulbs and want to know how to store until next Fall when I will replant them and fertilize well.
Thanks forcany help.



Unfortunately, bulbs only build nutrients whilst the foliage is present and whilst they are planted. With daffodils, after flowering is finished, the foliage should be left in place for a minimum of six weeks, without tying or cutting the leaves. The time to give fertilizer is as the flowers finish,but while the leaves are present,during that six week period. Bulb blindness (meaning only leaves, no flowers) can also be corrected by applying fertilizer when the leaves are present.

Now you've lifted them, there's nothing to be done to get those that were blind this year to flower next year - you may wish to buy new bulbs in autumn instead and do as advised above.

25 Feb, 2019


As you get such mild Winter weather it might help to keep the bulbs in the crisper tray of your refrigerator before planting out in December/January?

25 Feb, 2019


Thanks so much Darren8 and Bamboo. I wonder if I dug a trench and replanted them now and fertilizer well if that would work?

26 Feb, 2019


if they still have their foliage and roots then give it a go. you have nothing to loose.

welcome to GoY too. :o)

26 Feb, 2019


In your climate, daffodils do better left in the ground for years, as long as the drainage is good, and they get at least 6 hours of direct sun a day, anyway.

27 Feb, 2019

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