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I am looking for a Cool season clumping grass that grows between 3-4 feet. The sunny location is a large (8'x4') planter box in London, Ontario. The grass is intended for a privacy screen through the winter. Could you please suggest some grasses that fit? Thank You



Have a look at the website Knollgardens, they specialise in grasses and include particular uses, heights, etc.

24 Feb, 2019


I wouldn't expect to find any kind of evergreen grass in Ontario, but there are a number of ornamental grasses that maintain a dense structure in the winter. I would check out Miscanthus varieties first, but there are others that might work well.

25 Feb, 2019


Sorry I guess I was not clear in that I don't want an evergreen grass but just want one that will continue to act as a screen during the winter months. I also need it to start growing early in the season. I have a Miscanthus but it does not start to show any growth until late June/early July

26 Feb, 2019


Ooh! Sorry, I forgot how late spring can be in the Great Lakes area. There may well be a shrub-like grass that starts earlier, but the ones that I am familiar with probably wouldn't.
Hmmm...I thought that I had a brain storm with some of the larger species of Fescue, but I am having trouble finding enough info on those species to tell if they would fit your needs. I admit that I would be looking into shrubby conifers instead of grasses.

27 Feb, 2019


Or a bamboo?

27 Feb, 2019 would have to be hardy to below -9ÂșC, and evergreen.

2 Mar, 2019

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