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Hi, alongside our driveway we have what I believe are some sort of cherry trees. We have had workmen here today to dig up alongside the trees to install cables for fibre broadband. We stopped them at the first tree as they have cut straight through roots. Will this cause the tree much damage? Our neighbours emailed gigaclear months ago with the question about the trees but they never came back with a rely! Also the land they dug up was never given permission by the ladies that own it as they haven’t had any correspondence ref the cables so were unaware that this was even happening. The trees were planted in 2005. Many thanks




This certainly would compromise the trees structurally. They are more prone to fall over in high winds.

13 Feb, 2019


It would depend on what other roots are present. the trees will produce more roots to compensate but may succumb to wind damage.
Certainly when they put cable in the village 5 yrs ago they went very close to some very old established trees and they are certainly doing ok.

the trees are very close together though .

13 Feb, 2019


Apart from that mature flowering cherries at least usually have large roots very near the surface, which could well be lifting your blocks and possibly the fence in a few years. Whatever the trees are they are going to get bigger. The trees could have enough roots to sustain any damage from the cable laying but as Bathgate says they might be unsteady for a while in a very strong wind until they grow a mat of fibrous roots which will take over while new big ones are growing.

13 Feb, 2019


I decided to check that my memory of the rules about digging near trees was correct and found this which should be helpful.

14 Feb, 2019

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