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Drying out bulbs


By Sandrac

United Kingdom Gb

In June I dug up several hundred bulbs from my back garden flower beds. My question is how do I store and treat them over the winter and when do I plant them out again? Do you keep the biggest ones and discard the small ones? I also have no idea what the bulbs are.
The garden is in Kent, England and a southern exposure.



If these are spring bulbs then they need to be planted again any time between September and November. Usually most bulbs are left in the ground and not lifted. Some people take tulips out and replant in Autumn but for many folk it is too much of a chore, taking up and replanting. There are some summer flowering bulbs that are not so hardy and need to be stored in a frost free place overwinter, such as Arum lilies, and if you expect a lot of frost then gladioli are another onme that needs to come out. I store these in paper bags in a cellar, after drying them first.

17 Aug, 2008


The best thing to do is to hang them in nets in a cool dark place (to keep away vermin and to stop them shooting too soon). Then you can plant them out at the end of next month - yes, as soon as that! Try to sort them out into types, e.g. if any are obviously the same, plant them together in groups. I wouldn't bother with the very tiny off-shoots myself unless you have plenty of spare ground in which to plant and foget about them for a few years to get to flowering size! Remember that Daffodils and Tulips need to keep their leaves next year to nourish the bulbs for future flowers, so if you can plant them in an area where they can grow undisturbed, they can be left in the ground for some years! If there are any that might be summer-flowering bulbs or corms, then keep them safe and frost-free until early next year before you plant them.

17 Aug, 2008

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