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taking cuttings


By Scrumpy

kent, United Kingdom Gb

I'd like to take cuttings of old rosebushes from my Mums garden in Surrey, to eventually grow in my own garden.
How and when should I do this, and once I have the cuttings how best can I grow them on in order to plant out?

On plant Various old rosebushes, been in the family garden for 3o years.



You propagate by taking hardwood cuttings in the autumn and place them in a prepared trench in the soil in a sheltered corner of your garden. Then you have a longish wait to see if they've taken! I did this some years ago and they did eventually grow. Obviously, it's an even longer wait to grow them on to flowering size. They look a bit like a row of sticks over the winter! Hope you succeed.

18 Aug, 2008

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