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By Derekm

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone, I've been trying to find a supplier of Kalmia latifolia 'Little Linda', there are a few sites listed on google, but when you click on 1, it's the standard species they're selling, not the dwarf' Little Linda', the only sites that have this, are either in U S A, or Czechoslovakia, so the question is; does anyone know of a supplier in the U K ?, Derek.



I will ask at my HPS group on Thursday, someone may have a small plant/cutting that I can get for you.

1 Oct, 2018


You could have a look on the RHS website, they give links to UK suppliers

1 Oct, 2018


I never heard of that variety Derek, looks great. The RHS Plantfinder comes up with an apology, no suppliers - it seems though that there is just one available from Amazon. Whether you want it or not is another matter - its only a 15cm pot and it costs £30 with a delivery charge of nearly £7, so depends how desperate you are

Might be easier to wait till next spring, when its in flower - if garden centres ever sell it, that'll be when they have it...

2 Oct, 2018


Bamboo is correct. I would wait until the spring for this variety. My local garden centre has a 'plantfinder' service where they search their suppliers plant lists for their customers' requirements. I would imagine that they are grown in Holland so perhaps get in touch with your local large garden centre in the springtime as they might already have dealings with Dutch suppliers.

2 Oct, 2018


Thank you very much Eileen, that's very kind of you, I'll keep my fingers crossed, I would have thought it would be readily available to be honest, it got the R H S A G M in 2002.
Hi Darren8 Bamboo and Jimmytheone, yes I looked on the R H S plantfinder, I did see the 1 on Amazon, but I'm not that desperate, I just wanted it to grow in a container in the remembrance garden I've built for my late wife, I'll try next year if I don't get 1 in the meantime, thank you for your responses, Derek.

2 Oct, 2018


Hi everyone, I've just had another look on Amazon, their supplier is plantexpert, so I googled this, and it's a grower in Romania, but I still think the price is ridiculous, Derek.

2 Oct, 2018


Agree, it is ridiculous... but try to get hold of one before the Brexit deadline if possible; lord alone knows how much more expensive plants will be afterwards, since most are imported from Europe...

2 Oct, 2018


Hi Bamboo, yes I hadn't thought about that, I'll have another think about it, and let you know what I decide, Derek.

2 Oct, 2018


Hi everyone, I decided that I try and get 1 in the spring if anyone has them, in the meantime, I have just bought a Daphne x transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance', Andromeda polifolia-'Blue Ice', and a Prunus incisa Kojo-No Mai, all three for less than the amazon plant with delivery, Derek.

12 Oct, 2018


they are all beautiful plants Derek.
I did ask at my hps group but no luck sadly. one chap said he had one but lost it in the 2010/11 winter.

13 Oct, 2018


Hi Eileen, thank you very much for trying, those 2 hard winters have a lot to answer for I hope they never get repeated, Derek.

14 Oct, 2018

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