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Hi everyone,
I have a large mature ornamental cherry tree growing only about 3 metres from my house, its branches actually touch the wall. And it's taller than the house. Should I have it removed for fear of damage to foundations? It was big when I came here 11 years ago and now even bigger and it provides good deal of privacy. If it has to go finally, is there anything I could safely plant in its place?



Removing trees often causes more damage than leaving them in situ. At present, as long as there is no obvious damage to walls etc, then the tree is removing a lot of water from the soil. When removed that water has to go somewhere. Also the roots of the removed tree would shrink and caused sinkage. If there is no problem then leave it alone.

31 Aug, 2018


OB is taking about 'heave' which as he says can be a problem when removing established trees. As I see it, you still have two alternatives. You can dig down about a few feet from your house and cut off any roots or gradually reduce the height and width of the tree by pruning over a few years.

31 Aug, 2018


Thanks for the advice, very gratefully received. It's nice to know I'm doing the right thing by leaving the tree there. I do have it pruned about every other year, by a tree surgeon, so that I can see the garden through that window!

31 Aug, 2018

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