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By Dgw

West Lothian, United Kingdom Gb

Tried first blog but some pics uploaded wrong way round,
even after rotating them , any ideas?



I think several people get difficulty loading from their phones and the photos come out sideways or upside down.
It's usually the ones that are 'upright' ie they are taller than they are long. (I hope you can understand what I mean by that lol)
I don't know if there's anything you can do about it.

I haven't got a phone so I only use my laptop and my photos always come out the right way up. If you have an ordinary computer or laptop maybe you could try using that instead.

12 Aug, 2018


I tried an upright photo recently from this IPad but it went on sideways so I didn't upload it. I've also found that selecting photos from " moments " on my IPad is the best option for getting them to upload the right way.

12 Aug, 2018


It often happens. I find if i right click the photo I get the option to "view image" ,and choosing that rotates it so its right way up. This works on Linux anyway - worth trying on Microsoft.

12 Aug, 2018

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