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hello all,I want to move a rose and not sure how or when,it has been where it is for 5yrs and smells heavenly,got it for a pound at a car boot and never expected it to live,dont have a clue what its called,ty



How big is it now in terms of height and spread?

7 Aug, 2018


its 4ft tall and maybe 2ft spread never any bigger

7 Aug, 2018


You may have difficulty digging it all out - roses often put down a couple of really long, fairly woody roots deep into the soil, but if you want to try it, I'm afraid you need to wait until October, really, especially this year with all this recurring heat.

When you do attempt it, the soil should be nice and damp, not dry... start with a garden fork, inserting it about 10 inches away from the centre of the rose, loosening the soil but very carefully if you meet resistance - that might be a root and you don't want to break it. Work round the whole bush, loosening the soil. Now take a spade and dig away loose soil to reveal where the roots actually are , then take the soil away from the roots you can see, so you've got a growing hole around the trunk of the plant. As for roots that might do down deep, its just a case of removing soil till you get it out - its often necessary to get under the trunk with your hands so you can feel what roots are there and where they go. If you end up breaking a bit off the deep vertical roots, well, it'll probably recover, by try to break as little as possible.
Make the new planting hole the right depth and width to accommodate the roots without cramping or bending them, and backfill with soil to the same level it was planted at before. Tamp down firmly but not to heavily by pressing all round with your foot, then water in well.
If you break quite a bit of root material, cut down the topgrowth by a third to a half.

7 Aug, 2018


ty bamboo

8 Aug, 2018

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