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Kent, United Kingdom Gb

tomatoes, please can somebody tell me why some, not all, of my tomatoes are spliting, they can be red or green both have done the same.



Erratic water supply - the fruit is present, not enough water so it just sits there, then water arrives and it grows too fast, and the skin splits. Regular and sufficient watering will sort that out.

26 Aug, 2010


I'm having real problems with my cherrybelle-- they are a cordon --huge vigorous plants with 25-30 toms on each truss, not had the problem with the other varieties or bush cherry type so i won't grow them again

26 Aug, 2010


thanks a lot bamboo, i have been watering each night i thought that would be enough, would you suggest maybe twice per day?

26 Aug, 2010


Probably a bit late now, the problem would have occurred at least a fortnight or more ago, but yes, increase the watering if you like. Perhaps you just weren't giving them enough when you did water when it was very hot - assuming you had very hot, wherever you are, we certainly did.

26 Aug, 2010


Thanks once again bamboo, I'm north kent and yes we have had it hot, this local area seems to have missed the rain others have had, up to now that is.

27 Aug, 2010


Phew, tell me about it - in July, it looked like the Sahara where I live, but 2 miles away it was pouring with rain, and all around us, when it did rain, but we never got it. Getting it now though, in spades, lol!

27 Aug, 2010

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