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I am looking to buy some thornless fruit bushes when would be the best time to plant these and has anyone any ideas as to which ones are best to buy



if you buy container grown bushes then they can be planted any time provided the ground isn't frozen or waterlogged. March is often a good time. as for which fruit that is personal choice. But Blueberries Raspberries and red/white/black currants are all thornless. I suspect Logan berries are too. There may well be a gooseberry that's thornless by now [don't know personally]

If the soil is waterlogged dig in grit etc to improve drainage before planting.

21 Jan, 2018


There is a thornless Logan berry, also Boysen and Blackberries.

21 Jan, 2018


There are a few thornless gooseberries. I haven't grown them but there is info on google about which are good ones. There's also a good description of thornless blackberries, (on another site) which tells you which are more vigorous too.

21 Jan, 2018


You have quite a few possibilities. I love them all. The sooner you can get them into the ground, the better. Try to plant before they break dormancy but as soon as the ground is workable - late February/early March.

21 Jan, 2018

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