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How do I get rid of a massive infestation of both black and brown ant through the lawn in the rockery and under paving slabs.
Please help I've tried powder and the nipon gel that the ant take back to the nest but with no success



Its a long shot but have you tried the boiling water trick?

15 Aug, 2008


I've used the Nippon gel in the past with great success but it does require persistence. You have to replace the liquid inside the traps every day until effective. The other thing is, is your gel fresh this year? It does go off so that any kept from the previous year doesn't work. I had to use several traps on all the routes the ants took but it did work in the end. We've had very few since then. I've also done the boiling water which does kill the nest if you can find it.

15 Aug, 2008

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