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For one of the Cacti & Succulent people. Does anyone know what this succulent is. When I had first had it, it was flat rosettes, but now looks like Xmas trees. Also anyone know if it would be hardy?

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Starts with O ... I used to have one but can't remember the name.

22 Sep, 2017


Oreostachys ewarenge ! That's it :)

It dies after flowering but you can save the unflowered rosettes. I tried but failed lol :D

22 Sep, 2017


Hywel, you're a marvel...

22 Sep, 2017


Thank you too, Hywel. If I had seen it before it started to flower, I would have thought it was an Echeveria. Apparently more closely related to the Aeoniums! I'm going to look this one up--we could probably try to get a few for our succulent section at work.

23 Sep, 2017


Personally I wouldn't buy another one. I paid a lot for it and after it flowered it died. There were only about 3 unflowered rosettes on it but they never rooted ... they also died.
I read that apparently the seeds are easy to germinate, so I saved them, but failed at that too lol :D
It's an attractive and interesting plant but I won't be growing it again.

23 Sep, 2017


Oh Wow! Thanks for all that info Hywel. I can't remember where or when I got it, but it was cheap!! I will have a go at keeping some bits and see what happens. So are you telling me that these are the flowers, or is it building up to it?

23 Sep, 2017


It's starting to form flowering spikes. I'll put a photo of the one I had for you to see. I think I've got one somewhere.

23 Sep, 2017


I've put it in a blog :)
(not very good sorry, but just for you to see)

23 Sep, 2017


Thanks again Hywel, for the info and the blog. I must try to remember where I got it from.

24 Sep, 2017

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