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Problems with Acers


By Chega

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Last year got 2 small acers in pots ,they grew ok then in spring this year new leaves appeared slowly then dropped off and the plants didn't recover ,so we bought a Acer Orange Dream after this ,larger about 3ft or just less it did all summer just now when the autumn colour is described as "breathtaking autumn colour".It actually looks poor started shedding leaves and looks poor,any ideas what's going wrong?



What size pots are they in and what position in the garden are they - eg sunny, shady, sheltered, windy etc. these things can all affect them so more info please.
Do the pots have good drainage and what did you do about watering? Too wet or too dry can also be a factor.

18 Sep, 2017


Did you reuse the same pot/compost/soil for the new Acer? The old compost & soil should be discarded & the pots sterilized with bleach to destroy any pathogens waiting to attack your new acer. Pots in general are not the best environment to start with. Maples are extremely thirty. A stressed tree is susceptible to disease, etc. The tree can't search for water because there isn't any. Acer Orange Dream has specific requirements which must be met in order to thrive.

Here is a link that describes the proper care.

18 Sep, 2017


Thanks for the help.The new Acer Orange Dream has been in the garden centre pot it was purchased in all summer and in semi shade.Every couple of weeks all purpose liquid fertiliser regularly watered. The points made too wet/dry or thirsty.With all the heavy rain in September wondered whether the pot had actually had too much water and the roots had been affected ?But yet they stand like that in the garden centre.Its in 8" plastic pot

22 Sep, 2017


Do think it would be a good idea to find a place in garden and discard the pot,if so what's best way to prepare soil?

22 Sep, 2017


Wouldn't do any harm. Just wondering if it is a bit pot bound now if its been growing well all summer. Can you gently tip it out and see if the roots have filled the pot?

If they are going round and round try to gently easy them out a bit before you plant them out.

22 Sep, 2017


Thanks Steragram, Dropped more leaves,did check the roots,wouldn't describe as vigorous but as far as I can see they seem not bad,going to plant it out in garden mix a bit of compost in and hopefully it will rejuvenate for next spring.

25 Sep, 2017

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