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Late summer pruning Sisyrinchium striatum?


By Sisyfan

United Kingdom Gb

I wondered what the 'correct' care is in late summer/autumn. Would it be to cut the whole plant back to around 6 inches 'iris-style'? Or would you just cut out the flowering stem and pull out any blackened leaves?

On plant Sisyrinchium striatum



Just realised that I didn't tell you what plant I am talking about! Its Sisyrinchium striatum. ( I thought it was a site dedicated to just this plant for some reason!)


15 Aug, 2008


I just cut out the flower stems and pull off the black leaves to tidy the plants up. Sometimes I take off a fan or two if they are getting a bit crowded, and plant them up elsewhere or in a pot for a friend!

15 Aug, 2008


Thank you Spritzhenry, just as I thought. I wonder why Iris is dealt with differently? I must admit it does look better with some leaves left on the plant rather than scalping it!

17 Aug, 2008

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