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CUMBRIA, United Kingdom

hello all what is this I love it,it comes back every year and i love the leaves,it flowered great the first year and the bees and butterflys loved it,but ive only one flower this year and they have gone funny and stunted.



Maybe an Echinops?

12 Aug, 2017


Yes one of the Echinops, flowers not completely open yet.

12 Aug, 2017


Agree. Globe Thistle or Echinops.

12 Aug, 2017


Looks like it has magnesium deficiency, or maybe it's reacting to a weed killer. If you applied composted manure, it may have been a weed killer on the pasture that fed the cow--scary, isn't it! :/

13 Aug, 2017


thanks all,i have used weedkiller near it when it first grew,ty tugbrethil,and echinops it is ty all

13 Aug, 2017

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