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Pyracantha plant

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Can a Pyracantha plant be grown in a trough or pot? What is the minimum depth of soil required? Are they easily trained? I want to grow it along the top of a parapet on the edge of a roof as a security measure but this will require it being planted in troughs.



Pyracantha are easily trained, yes, but you would have to find a small variety to grow in tubs or troughs, I think. I've never come across one planted in a container. The smallest ones I can find in my RHS Encyclopaedia are 'Harlequin' - to 5', and 'Santa Cruz' - to 3'. Hope this helps.

14 Aug, 2008


we grew some pyracantha (not sure of the variety) in a brickbuilt raised bed approx 2ft deep when I lived in Scotland and they grew very well for many years.

14 Aug, 2008


This website lists two pyracanthas as recommended for container growing :

14 Aug, 2008

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